The “Elite”

Since the beginning of time, our species has been ruled by totalitarian kings, pharaohs, and dictators who believe people must not be given freedom as individuals. They must be controlled in order to avoid conflict.

Our founding fathers created a democracy, a government by the people for the people. It was an experiment that worked and it created the greatest nations in history.

Unfortunately there are those in power who believe that freedom for individuals is dangerous and that they, the “elite”, have moral obligation to rule. Their plan to remake this country into a totalitarian state is well underway.

By injecting fear and conflict into our lives they hope to create a willingness for us to sacrifice our individual freedoms in exchange for an orderly existence based on the rules they will make.

And of course, as with all totalitarian governments, the rules will not apply to those who make the rules. That would take away the endorfing generated feeling that comes with knowing you are “superior”.


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5 responses to “The “Elite”

  1. Whos who? Educate me please.

    Thank you
    Brian Puckett
    405 412 9222

  2. Phil Henry

    Dan- short, succinct. sad and true. Perhaps some statesmen and women will be elected on Tuesday.
    PS- I’ll be seeing our mutual friends Pat and Dave on Tuesday as well…already voted 🙂

  3. Jana Nicole

    Well said.

  4. Lisa Marie McGilberry

    Perfect timing Dan, in the wake up our upcoming election. Always great to hear your expansive, thought provoking perspective.

  5. kensetter

    As I read this blog I was not quite sure who you consider to be the “elite”. Although I agree with most of your comments, they could describe both the far left and the far right elements of our political officials and candidates. Both are guilty of injecting fear and conflict into our lives, particularly around election time. And both certainly could be said to feel they have a moral obligation to rule. We have lost in this country is a sense of “we”. What we have now is mostly just “us” vs “them”.
    I know, Dan, from your past comments that you are generally conservative in your outlook and beliefs. So I assume it is the Democrats you feel are leading us to a totalitarian government. If I am wrong in this assumption, then I apologize. But what is more totalitarian than a leader losing an election in which there is no evidence that it was anything but fairly run, and being unwilling to accept the results, even to the point of using an armed insurrection to attempt to stay in power?

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