A Message From My Friend in Kyiv

Please, try to understand me and here is answer for “how are you?” inside me is a bomb of hatred, rage, pain, fear and injustice…

They stole our possibility to live our life, to happiness, to have home and even die as a humane… in Mariupol, people who were killed during the bombing and attack by the Russians were buried today in a common grave…

They shoot civilians, men because they try protect women and them child…Russian soldiers rape women in front of their children. Some of them shoot after, some were hanged…some of them had “the luck” to survive…

That is not just a “story” That is our reality today.

In moment when for Russian people is a problem closed store of lovely brand…

How many killed children, mothers, men…? How many raped women…? How many destroyed houses, bridges, cities…?

When it’s gonna be ENOUGH for you understand that not only about UKRAINE IT’S ABOUT ALL WORLD


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3 responses to “A Message From My Friend in Kyiv

  1. Bob Wheeler

    Did you send this letter to Fax News. I swear I heard this letter verbatim on tv.

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    All we had to do is guarantee to Russia that Ukraine would not be a part of NATO. I pray we stay out of this mess!!!

  3. Such a powerful message! Thank you for sharing.

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