The Pollsters Have No Access

Before reading this you should go back and read again “WHAT THE POLLS ARE TELLING US?”, posted back in February.  Nothing has changed regarding the excruciatingly difficult challenge faced by those attempting to accurately forecast the election results next week.

According to most Polls, Joe Biden has an insurmountable lead and will coast to victory over President Trump.  However, the Media, recalling the results four years ago, is taking no chances this time.  Even with Biden’s big lead in the Polls, and with just one week to go, they are employing what I call their “HATE STRATEGY” (which I wrote about back in March 2016).  Only now it’s on steroids.  

So I’ve been trying to understand why.  I’ve observed a lot of Presidential elections since my first back in 1968 and I can’t recall witnessing what I’m seeing now.  It’s almost as if the Media is having a panic attack, in spite of Biden’s big lead.  What are they afraid of?  The dire forecast, back in 2016, of the looming disaster of a Trump Presidency, has made the Media look foolish if not corrupt.  Even so, we have a Presidential election every four years giving us the opportunity to make a change.  It’s not like Russia or China where you can become “President For Life”. 

The fear of Trump is irrational unless there are other issues beyond the standard political issues.  The economy, foreign policy, national defense, health care etc. are the issues we usually consider when electing a President.  But what other issues are driving this obsession to get rid of Trump?  Perhaps the Political Establishment has other things to fear.

But let me digress.  If the Pollsters had access to every opinion expressed in every phone call, text message, e-mail, etc. by every eligible voter it would be relatively easy to forecast the winner of every election.  But obviously they don’t have access to that information.

That information is exclusive to the NSA and others who are part of our intelligence establishment.   I believe the NSA has a very accurate forecast of the results of next week’s election.

And perhaps that forecast has been shared with others, who are terrified of another four years of a Trump Presidency.  After all he is an outsider, and not in “The Club”!   


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2 responses to “The Pollsters Have No Access

  1. Ken Merchant

    Even though I have historically been a conservative, I’m terrified of another four years of Trump. He is a despicable individual and a terrible leader.

  2. Great to hear from you Dan! Amen

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