Xi Jinping Virus

As speculation grows that the Chinese government may have intentionally launched Covid 19 into the world I began thinking of what could they possibly hope to gain from such dastardly action.  What could be their motive?  In search of an explanation I could not come up with anything external to China vis-à-vis the rest of the world.  But then it occurred to me that perhaps the motive could be perceived threats to their absolute dictatorial power.

Before joining the global community the Chinese people were impoverished with very few, if any, individual rights.  They lived, no “existed”, at the very bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  By opening their country to the World and providing vast amounts of cheap labor, the Chinese people began to climb up Maslow’s pyramid.  But this may have ignited the first potential challenge to the Communist Party leadership.  It’s human nature to expect more as you move up Maslow’s pyramid and what you desire, is more individual freedom.  Not something the Communist Party will ever concede.

To make matters worse, it is no longer possible for Despots, to prevent their subjects from knowing what is happening in the rest of the world.  When the Chinese people of Mainland China see the standard of living of Chinese living in Taiwan and Hong Kong they cannot help but ask why?  Is it our government?  Of course, asking that question too often in Mainland China is not advisable.

Here are the facts:

                   Per Capita GDP

Hong Kong           $66,527

Taiwan                  $57,214

China Mainland   $20,984  

With Covid 19 Xi Jinping has crushed any hopes the Chinese people may have regarding more individual freedom.  It also shows the Chinese citizens of Hong Kong that he will be ruthless, if necessary, to gain control of their government.


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5 responses to “Xi Jinping Virus

  1. David MacLean

    Very insightful, Dan. If you’re not on Twitter, you should be! That is where your content should be shared for the masses to read and the they can retweet to others. 🙂

  2. Dave Shore

    Hi Dan
    I know you appreciate a good read. If I may suggest a title, I suggest Sarah Kendzior’s Hidden in Plain Sight.
    Dave Shore

  3. kensetter

    I don’t know how much you care about the opinions of those receiving your blog but I felt I needed to respond to this one. You start out mentioning “speculation” about the Chinese government intentionally launching the Covid-19 virus. You present no facts or evidence that this is in any way true, but only discuss speculation about possible motives for this. Just because someone might have motive to commit an act is inno way evidence that the act was done. Then you end by stating what Xi Jinping has accomplished by releasing this virus. So you have gone from speculation to stated fact in one short blog without any evidence that this is true.

    I am very offended by this because it is this type of approach that continues to fuel the incredible divisiveness in our country today. There is little hope for our country healing if there is no basis upon which to determine objective facts, but rather leave everyone free to choose or create whatever “facts” support their beliefs. Your blog is a classic example of the “fake news” our President so often complains about. True facts should lead to conclusions. Conclusions should never lead to “facts”.

    Ken Setter
    Tulsa, OK

  4. Ken

    I appreciate the feedback. I write to express my opinion, Everyone is more than welcome to disagree with my opinion. Opinions should appear as editorials not news. When opinions appear on the front page that is fake news.

    In the future I will state clearly that I am only expressing my opinion. Let’s hope we will always be free to express our opinions.

    Thanks again,

    Dan Wheeler

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