Trump the “Independent”

Wow!  I never dreamed we could elect a President who was opposed by both major political parties.  I thought we would see a woman in the White House much sooner.   He took on the entire “political establishment”, and won.

Back in March I wrote about how low so much of the Media had stooped in their attempts to defeat Donald Trump.  (Read the post, entitled “The Hate Strategy”, because it is even more relevant now.)  The “political establishment” feels their power is slipping away and is using their propagandist in an attempt to convince us that this Trump presidency is going to be a disaster.

All the way up until Election Day we were told the Stock Market would crash if Trump won.  The Stock Market has always been the most reliable indicator of what lies ahead, far more accurate than all the “experts”.  It’s early, but the “market” is sending a strong message of optimism.

Now that they have lost, and their agenda is threatened, they are stepping up their game, and it is scary.  I hope it does not lead to violence but that seems to be the goal of the New York Times, USA Today, Bloomberg, CNN, MSNBC, etc.  It’s “deplorable!”  The propaganda machine of the Democratic Party failed, and I hope they will start to realize that they may not be as smart as they seem to think they are.  Not likely, but thanks to the Internet and Social Media, they do not have as much power as they once did.

Donald Trump may not be Politically Correct and many of his comments were hurtful.  But the Clintons are “Politically Corrupt” and their vast propaganda machine could not hide it all.  The Clintons, have only themselves to blame.  Unfortunately they let down so many people who believed in them.

Hillary would have had so many obligations to those who have funded her campaigns and created the Clinton’s tremendous wealth over the years.  Trump’s only obligations are to the voters who elected him.  I wish him well and hope he will use that freedom to accomplish great things.

And for those who think the Electoral College should be abolished, are they also hoping to dismantle the Senate?  We have a Federation of 50 states and it would have fallen apart long ago without each State having a voice.

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  1. Steve Rice

    Your last point about dismantling the Senate is something that the “main stream media” overlooks (or more likely, ignores). The purpose of the Electoral College is no different than the purpose of the Senate – to allow less populated States to have appropriate representation. It avoids the tyranny of the majority.

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