“The Donald Phenomena”

How could an individual with absolutely no experience as a politician, whose ideas for solving America’s problems are extreme at best and offensive to many, be leading all the professional politicians running for the Republican Party’s nomination?  Every day we read of, or hear, another “expert” attempting to explain what I call “The Donald Phenomena.”  On the surface, it is perplexing, when I think about many of the ideas he has put forth as solutions for our problems.

My “expert” opinion is that he is leading in the polls not because of what he says, but rather, what he represents.  He has “zero” connection to the “political establishment.”  For too long we have been governed by “career politicians,” who are dependent on, and beholden to, the “political establishment.”  Many eligible voters have come to believe that their vote just doesn’t count.  Trump may be using the Republican Party nominating process to reach his goal but it’s clear to me that he is the most successful “Independent” we’ve ever seen.

Those with political power, the Wall Street Banks, Unions, and the Media, define the “political establishment.”  Trump doesn’t need their money, creates his own media and will never court a relationship with most union leaders.  Frankly, he has become a serious threat to those with political power.

I don’t believe he will win and that is not what they fear.  Donald Trump is showing the world that a candidate, with no connection to the “political establishment” can win.  That scenario scares the hell out of them.  His success may very well motivate others, who are not “career politicians,” to serve the people of this country.  God knows the “career politicians” we are offered, by the “political establishment,” are not our “best and brightest.”


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6 responses to ““The Donald Phenomena”

  1. amanda

    Hi Dan, it’s Amanda in Miami. I enjoy the post and enjoy reading your knowledgeable wprds. Would love to see you and catch up one day.


    Amanda Lavan

  2. “Term limits” long over due!!!! The President has a 2 term limit, the same should be applied to Congress.

  3. Bo

    I totally agree with you Mr Wheeler. He has no political experience and doesn’t need to raise money. What a blessing for the country. Combine his no bullshit approach with “experts” in every field and you have a recepe for a new era in leadership.
    That’s what you did at DFA FAS. You were the guy who brought in “experts” like me, to get the job done. And your charisma and success attracted other highly motivated people. And on and on it went.
    It’s true that the Donald is no Dan Wheeler, but the reality is Dan Wheelers are in short supply these days. Thank God I had my Dan Wheeler days.

  4. Brian P

    Well put! The Don is a nut jub, but he is definitely shaking up the establishment!

  5. Well said Bo. Can Dan come back to DFA?!

  6. Nicely put Dan
    I thought you’d like this;
    ‘Bloomberg puts Trumps net worth at $2.9b…if Trump had just put his father’s money into a mutual funds that tracked the S&P 500 and spent his career finger painting, he’d have $8b.
    Deborah Friedell, London Review of Books.’

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