Now It’s Florida

When you live near the ocean, anywhere in the world, you soon notice that there are certain times of day (or night) that a bad odor fills the air.  The cause is low tide.  All the decaying plants and sea life are exposed creating a harmless but foul odor.

This past week I noticed that the air here was filled with a particularly strong pungent odor that seemed to linger day and night.  The foul smell could not be attributed to the tides and then I realized the source.  The “career politicians” had arrived in our state!

If you have had the time to follow this traveling road show through the primary states you would have noticed that their message to potential voters is always carefully crafted to appeal to the demographics of each separate state.  And unlike the bad smell from a low tide, the odor put off by these politicians is toxic.  I could write about the specific examples of the contradictions uttered, the obvious lies and the promises made to reward those putting up the money, but it’s all in the media if people will take the time to read and watch.

There is one candidate, however, who’s message is consistent and that is Ron Paul.  We Americans love to ignore the truth about the problems facing our country.  Why?  “We can’t handle the truth.”  Our foreign policy is about “empire building” not “nation building.”  We spend more on defense than the rest of the world combined.  But all the other candidates want to spend more on defense.  The reality is, America’s military spending is not just for “defense,” it’s also for “offense.”  Ron Paul is not an “isolationist,” he simply wants us to stop trying to dominate every country on the planet.

Our politicians at every level, federal, state, county and city have buried us under a mountain of debt.   We see what has happened in Europe.  Several countries are totally broke and have been living off borrowed money for so long that more debt is not an option.  They are about to lose a lot of their sovereignty.  (More on that subject later.)

The entitlements, the extremely generous pay and benefits for public employees and the defense budget are sending us down the path to insolvency.  It’s simple arithmetic.  But no one other than Ron Paul is talking seriously about these issues.

I doubt he can be elected, we always “shoot the messenger” who delivers the bad news. But the younger voters of this country are listening, because it’s their future we are destroying. Ron Paul’s ideas will not die with this election.

Unfortunately, our country is like the obese person who will not change their eating habits until they have a heart attack.  That is assuming they survive the attack.  Our “fiscal heart attack” is coming and I am confident we will survive.  It’s just a shame, however, we do not have the will to change our spending habits now, before suffering the severe pain of such an attack.


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2 responses to “Now It’s Florida

  1. Brilliant Blog, I have been a fan of Ron Paul’s common sense for years and I am not even an American. I love America and I am pleased to see that he is at last getting even a little airtime from a media that ignores him.

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