Putin’s Folly

My girlfriend ten years ago was from Ukraine. One parent was Russian and one was Ukrainian. This was very common making this current conflict somewhat like a civil war.

I have two Russian friends in Russia who feel shame about what Putin is doing. How long will Russian soldiers do Putin’s bidding? It’s easy to convince a soldier to kill an enemy who looks different and speaks a different language. But killing someone who is very similar to your own friends and family is not that easy.

Putin will end up being the big loser!


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3 responses to “Putin’s Folly

  1. Phil Henry

    Appreciate your up close vantage point and praying you are correct🙏

  2. thebusygentleman

    From one who has spent time in a combat zone (as I believe), this means a lot.

  3. xminister@embarqmail.com


    Edie and I both agree with your article, and we were both surprised it was so short. But you made your point!


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