Helpful Hints for Nancy Pelosi

What will Corporations do with the hundreds of billions of dollars they will not have to give to our Government?  The choices are relatively few but all of them create a great deal of stimulus for our economy:

  • Pay employees more.
  • Hire more people.
  • Invest in plant and equipment.
  • Spend more money on R&D.
  • Increase dividends to shareholders.
  • Buy back shares of their own stock.

Who could be against any of these actions?  And as expected, this is precisely what is happening.

The last two options, if chosen, will be criticized as only helping all those wealthy shareholders of Corporate stock.

Not so!  Those benefitting include everyone with a 401-K plan and members of Defined Benefit Plans.  Hard working Americans.

Nancy, it’s not complicated.  After reading your opinion of the cut in the corporate tax rate I’m hoping this brief analysis will perhaps help you refrain from continuing to make a fool of yourself.


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3 responses to “Helpful Hints for Nancy Pelosi

  1. Charles Benn

    Dan … if only Ms. Pelosi would read this … and understand it. Excellent points made sir.

  2. James Curran

    When the objective is income equality everythingt that promotes growth and prosperity is view with disdain, especially if it is Trumps idea.

  3. Fred Taylor

    The “know nothings” either through ignorance or having a particular political agenda seem to think that all that happens when money lands in the hands of the wealthy (which is the only place they believe it lands) all that happens is they sit up at night like Silas Marner just counting their filthy lucre. What always seems to escape them, as you point out, is the money goes back into the economy in one form or another benefiting all either through increased value of the savings/retirement plans or as direct or indirect investments into the economy.

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