The “Political Establishment” has been Trumped

In the past when one of our two Political Parties have controlled both the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, the Party’s agenda is quickly put in place.  With Donald Trump in the White House and the Republicans in control of both houses of Congress why have we not seen the Republican agenda moving forward?

Think about it!  Should we really be surprised?  Let’s face it, Trump may have won the Republican nomination but has everybody forgotten how the career politicians in the Republican Party opposed Trump.  Trump is an “Independent”.  The Republican nomination was not supposed to go to an “outsider”.    I’m guessing that many Republican politicians in Washington are just as determined, as the Democrats, to see Trump fail.

To those who are part of the Political Establishment, Trump is a virus infecting their hold on power.  The strategy for both the Republican and Democratic Parties, is to “freeze” Trump out ensuring that his Presidency is a “failed Presidency”.  Hoping that such a failure will discourage others.  They fear a lot more than a Trump Presidency, they fear it foreshadows the end of the two party system.  According to a Gallup Poll taken in 2014, 43% of U.S. voters are registered as “Independent”, 30% are registered as Democrats and 26% as Republican.  In 1988 31% were registered as Independent.

Trump showed that you can win an election:

  • Without the support of one of the two major Parties.
  • Using Social Media and the Internet to connect with voters.
  • And without selling your vote (and soul) to Wall Street, the Unions, Big Pharma, and others willing to fund your campaign in exchange for your vote.

I’m guessing that if the Republicans continue to undermine Trumps ability to deliver the agenda that got him elected, Trump may withdraw from the Republican Party, and declare that he is in fact an “Independent”.  I would love to see that!  This would no doubt encourage other smart, successful, men and women to run for office without being “labeled” or held accountable to those dictating the agenda of the two major Parties.  Citizens who truly desire to give something back to this great Country.


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5 responses to “The “Political Establishment” has been Trumped

  1. Sherif

    Even though I disagree with everything Trump right now, I concur that the establishment is going through some major changes. Age of Disruption; technology, social and political. God Bless America.

  2. Jeff

    With the election of Trump, I feel America has sent a bold signal to Congress to get off it’s butt and do something. The 2 party system has failed miserably of late and it’s time for change!

  3. John Strasburger

    Thanks Dan. You summed it up perfectly!!!


    Dan Everything you say makes perfect sense. My question is, to what extent has his middle of the night tweets and off the cuff comments given establishment republicans an excuse to publically oppose him? What if he had been, and was, a little more disaplined? What’s the solution? Bo

    __________________________________ Robert (Bo) Cornell Vice President and Regional Director (512) 246-8558 (512) 306-4340

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  5. Pat Sweeny

    Time to run for office yourself Dan!

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