The People Have Spoken

Say what you will, but Super Tuesday was the best demonstration of Democracy at work I have seen in a long time.  And —- the “political establishment” is throwing a temper tantrum worthy of a two year old.  Fearful of losing their long held power over the selection of our political leaders, they are in a panic that the American people might have something to say about who becomes the next President.

I read the New York Times every morning to find out what is going on in the world, but this last couple of months it has become more like a Supermarket Rag.  The bias expressed in the editorial section has given me pause in the past, but that is to be expected.  They write what they believe just as I do with this blog.  Unfortunately that bias has become something close to slander and it’s all over the front page of the Times.

Party leaders of the Democratic Party are breathing a sigh of relief today that they may not have to rely on their “Super Delegates” to overrule the people’s choice of a nominee.  The Republican Party leaders (whoever they may be) have a real threat on their hands.  The Party has moved way to the right in their quest for power but ironically the guy winning the nomination is more of a “centrist” than any other candidate of either party.

Voters seemed to have figured that out and realize that Washington will never change if the current ideological war between the parties continues.  When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy I could not take him seriously.  His comments about Mexicans and John McCain were very offensive to me as they were to virtually everyone.  But as I look at his positions on different issues he’s definitely close to the middle.  Holding a press conference last night instead of a “demagoguery pep rally” was very clever.  I listened closely and I must admit, I was impressed.


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2 responses to “The People Have Spoken

  1. Deborah

    Hi Dan, it is lovely to hear from you, as always. Happy Birthday! I sent you an email but am not sure I have a correct email address for you. Steffen and I send you tons of love. We’d love to see you and Irene when you’re next in LA. Big hugs, Deborah

  2. The small amount of attention I have paid to the election process so far leaves me with an uneasy feeling about our countries future (and hoping some quality independent candidate jumps in soon). To me the current candidates sound like elementary school students calling each other names and having no real rational plans or policy specifics to stand on. I can only imagine how the outside world is looking at us and wondering whether the ultimate heads or tails result will be good for anybody.

    It seems certain at this point that Trump will have the majority needed for his party’s nomination; what might be interesting on the Republican topic is who the VP running mate will be. There doesn’t seem to be clarity on this selection process – does he get to choose his running mate or does the party choose it for him? Either way I am actually now very curious to see how this decision unfolds and then the aftermath – as this will really give insight into both the status of the Republican Party and Trump himself.

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