Looking For Feedback

When working at DFA I always surrounded myself with individuals who shared my passion for moving investors away from active management and for creating an advisor/investor relationship sans the conflict of interest.  You advisors know most of these individuals, including Sam Adams, who led the “charge,” so to speak, in both Europe and Australia.

Sam, along with many advisors and their clients, is passionate about “sustainability.”  He left DFA recently with a goal of creating a family of “sustainable funds” that advisors could use to deliver the capital market rates of return across different asset classes.  Sam has done a lot of work on how to accomplish this but it is more than I can spell out with this post.

Currently, the market is dominated by expensive, actively managed funds, with multiple “social goals” making proper diversification a challenge for advisors and their clients.  And I agree with Sam that the “environmentalist movement” has the investment message all wrong.  The doom and gloom story is not the way to go.  Market forces and technology will create the solutions.

So here is what I am asking.  Let Sam and/or me know what you think.  We believe it’s a win/win for investors and the environment and we are trying to determine whether or not the demand is strong enough to make the funds themselves “sustainable.”

You can email Sam at: sam@vertasset.com


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6 responses to “Looking For Feedback

  1. Yes, yes, yes. It might take some time to become mainstream, but this definitely has legs. Have emailed Sam to say the same to him ;o

  2. There is absolutely a space for these funds. I emailed Sam as well.

  3. Sharon Beard

    Yes! Yes! Yes! There is a demand. If you make the fund accessible to all levels of income I believe it could do very well.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with Brian and Carolyn and have emailed Sam too.

  5. My clients and I have been looking for these types of funds, but nothing that comes close to the DFA philosophy.

  6. Doug Nelson

    Thanks Dan and Sam,
    I am seeing more need for sustainable alternatives and am interested in helping any way I can. Sorry it has taken so long to respond, just been busy.
    All the best,


    Douglas L. Nelson, CPA, PFS
    215 W San Francisco Street, Suite 202C, Santa Fe, NM 87501| phone 505-982-3808
    4757 Caughlin Parkway, Suite B, Reno, NV 89519| phone 775-746-6255

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