Keeping Your Perspective

It’s been a great year for investors but with the market at an “all time high” shouldn’t we wait for the inevitable “correction” before putting more money into the market?  Or worse yet, perhaps investors should get all of their money out of the market.  Are we seeing another bubble that is about to burst?  After all we have reached the dreaded “Triple Top.”  (If you look at a chart of the S&P 500 you will see what I am talking about.  “Chartist” believe they can predict the future by looking at the past, wouldn’t that be nice.)

The year-to-date return from the S&P 500 is a little over 25%.  Wow, perhaps investors should tread carefully.  But if investors look at this with a long-term perspective they will not find this alarming.  The historical annual return for the S&P 500 (as far back as we have data-1926) is a little over 10%.  The annual return over the past 13 years is a little over 1%.  The lowest return for a 13-year period since the great depression.

Market indices such as the S&P reflect the increases and decreases in wealth generated by the global economy.  If you believe that the global economy has come to a perpetual halt, then an investment in the equities market makes no sense for you.  Find a cave and prepare for the “end.”  Or—if you believe there is a future and you can “time” the market, you are a fool!  But if you are a disciplined investor  with a long term perspective you are on the right path.

Advisors, and investors alike, need to always keep things in perspective; something the media and the peddlers of financial products fail to do.  The media needs for investors to watch their “Cramers” and to read their daily forecast to make money. The financial services industry needs investors to change course frequently for the same reason.  A proper perspective for investors is always “long term.”  All the “noise” created by the media and the financial services industry may be interesting for speculators, just as a tip sheet may be interesting for those playing the ponies.   But by keeping a proper perspective you will be able to see clearly through all the “noise” and you will have a successful investment experience.


Warren Buffet was interviewed this past weekend and it is always comforting to hear the “Sage of Omaha” give the same message over and over again.  “Stay disciplined, diversify with passive funds, and keep costs low.”  (Here is the link should you care to read it: .)  What is sad is that no matter how often people hear this “message,” most people still “don’t get it.”  If you are an investor and you do “get it,” you will have success.  If you are an advisor, you need to help those who don’t.  They need you!


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6 responses to “Keeping Your Perspective


    Spot on Dan – thank you!


    Lukas Schneider
    +49 (0) 30700159 637

  2. Frank Lehane

    Great to finally hear you LIVE in Scottsdale, AZ at Mark Matson’s “Invest Forward” event. Thanks so much for your insights, Dan!

  3. Hi Dan—great to see you and conference in Scottsdale a couple weeks ago. This is a FANTASTIC post and plan to share with all my clients. Thanks for your commitment to telling the truth!

    Sincerely, Brendon Jenks
    Investor Coach, Wealth Renovators, LLC
    Overland Park, KS

  4. Thanks Dan! Love getting your tidbits and encouragements pertaining investing. You’ve helped me in more ways than you’ll know with the information you’ve taught me.

  5. Christoph

    This is the only the way to get a great investment experience.
    Thanks Dan!


  6. John Strasburger

    Hi Dan,

    Excellent article and so timely. With your permission I’d like to forward it to our clients. We’re always trying to share that same message but hearing it from some else could definitely reinforce how important it is to have that long term perspective. Thanks Dan.


    John P. Strasburger

    Bay Point Financial, LLC

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