I am among those who are very troubled by the “not guilty” verdict leaving George Zimmerman unpunished for taking the life of Trayvon Martin. However, what troubles me is the “laws” in Florida that gave George Zimmerman the right to carry a concealed weapon which he used to murder Trayvon Martin.

Laws define what is legal or illegal in our country. But the word “legal” is not a synonym for the word “ethical” or the word “moral.”  Those who made the laws governing the outcome of this case must share some of the guilt for this murder.

Throughout history we have had laws that condone unethical and immoral behavior to the detriment of many innocent people.  In our short history we have had many laws discriminating against innocent individuals based on their gender, race, sexual orientation and economic standing. None of these laws would today be considered ethical or moral rules for society. Of course “immoral and unethical laws” are not the sole province of our country. Throughout history we see a plethora of unjust laws making it legal to carry out horrendous crimes against innocent victims.

Those with power put laws in place and they are used to exploit those with little or no power. Those committing immoral and unethical crimes always defend their actions by stating that they have done nothing illegal. Apparently they have no conscience. But I am hopeful there is a “higher court” somewhere that will hold George Zimmerman accountable.


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3 responses to “Justice?

  1. Fred Taylor


    I would pose a question to you — irrespective of what you or anyone thinks about the FL law (regarding both weapons and self-defense): if Zimmerman did not have a weapon in his possession (concealed or otherwise) and based upon both the physical evidence of injury and eye witness testimony regarding the banging of Zimmerman’s head on the concrete sidewalk, what would have been the result of this confrontation?

  2. Dan,

    You continue to be a must read blog! The questions of legal, ethical and moral spillover to investments. While it is well know that active managers underperform, plan sponsors continue to provide them as the only option in their employer sponsored plans. Many plan sponsors still don’t understand provider revenue sharing or the need to police its inherent conflicts. Much 401k research is concerned about investment attitudes of the undereducated. Paraphrasing you: I am hopeful there is a “higher court” somewhere that will hold them accountable.

  3. Deborah Foster

    Hi Dan,   It is great to see that you are writing again.  I  miss your blogs.   I had a great chat to Sam last week and it is wonderful to hear how happy you and Irene are and that you are doing so much traveling together.  I’m so pleased to hear that you’re a new person since your hip replacement and that you’re skiing and now golfing too.   Sam shared his news and I’m thrilled and excited for him.  It is the best thing he could possibly do.  I was also thrilled to hear that you’ve been schooling Irene on investing and that she is encouraging you to keep an involvement in the business somehow.  I look forward to hearing more…..and to seeing how things develop for Sam.  The environment and sustainability are are of huge concern to Steffen and me and are very close to our hearts.   Please come to LA soon as I’d love to catch up with you both over lunch.   Big hugs, Dxx


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