Being a single man (can’t say that much longer) you tend to dine out a lot and to forget what you may have left in the fridge safely tucked away in your Tupperware containers.  Inevitably, the time comes when you just want to stay home and watch a big game and you head to the kitchen to see what you have available for dinner.  This opening of the Tupperware is not a pleasant experience.  Meat doesn’t age well like wine, and once that fragrance escapes, it permeates the entire kitchen.

For me it’s analogous to watching and reading the news during a political campaign.  The stench can become overpowering at times and you wish you could call Terminix to fumigate the halls of Congress.  Just this morning I was reading all the hubbub about Romney’s tax returns.  I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other on this issue, but the IRS obviously has the returns and if anything were amiss they would have already taken action.

What bothers me is the hypocrisy!  Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader, says his failure to make his returns public makes him “unfit” to be the President.  Sen. Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, says it makes him “unfit to be a dog catcher.”  Wow!  Strong words coming from two people who have never disclosed and made public a single tax return of their own.  (This makes me wonder why we continue to address these politicians as “The Honorable _____________.”)

I don’t care about the tax returns of politicians before or during their term in office.  What would make very interesting reading would be their returns after they leave office.  I believe we would all be shocked at the financial gain they reap from their “public service.”  Let’s toss that idea around and see what their response would be.  They want to know everything about our personal and financial life so why shouldn’t the Public they serve be entitled to know  just how honorable they really are?


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2 responses to “Honorable?

  1. Mark Weimer

    Awesome stuff! I also think they should not be able to exempt themselves from any law they pass. If its good enough for us, it’s good enough for them.

  2. Sherif

    Bottom line is, our government is completely corrupt. From insider trading to lobby kickbacks and a rigged national election in 2002 (everyone forgot about that). Sometimes it is outright laughable that we try to spread democracy across the globe when we are struggling to uphold the constitution ourselves. The truth is, most politicians are like a used car salesman, but in their case they are selling themselves. Which explains why most are usually caught in prostitution scandals. Lol! I warned you that it is laughable.

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