Time Out For The Playoffs

Now that Coach Spo and Pat Riley no longer need my input I can turn my attention back to “WHEELERWRITES.COM.”  Hard to believe but they never called.  I wanted to be ready just in case.  All kidding aside, for Heat fans it could not have been better coming from behind in the last three series.  I think the high point was game 6 in Boston.  I was there and will always remember LeBron totally dominating the Celtics that first half.  It was a subdued joy sitting amongst a multitude of green leprechauns.

And now we count the days until November when the new season begins.  With all the roster changes it will be a whole new game.  Chemistry and attitude will be the big determinants of success.

In fact, the importance of attitude for all of us will be the subject of my post tomorrow.  One last time—“GO HEAT!”

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  1. Charlie

    Danny – nIce to see you finally have some closure on what the Sacto Kings to you (and all of us) years ago.

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